I’ve made some new pieces for Sunnycon later this month. They’ve centred around Aggretsuko and Studio Ghibli so far. Although anime isn’t my style I love the atmosphere that is Sunnycon. Some film art posters will be out too.  The audience, though a lot younger, provides a new perspective to the usual market fairs I go to. My usual North East designs don’t really fit in, but the animals and fantasy designs are hits. Less anxious about this year too since I’ve already done it. Also helps the organisers are super friendly !

If you’re about why not come along. I’ll be at the artist’s bay with a new layout /banner and (hopefully) dressed as Kiki.

Also SO glad that my Instagram following has gone up to 1,500, for someone who doesn’t actively work on that stuff it does feel good to get support off people liking my work. A little bit of encouragement sometimes when you’re in doubt about a sketch, or a particular theme, goes a long way. It really opens up the creative flow and has allowed me to be more comfortable working on ideas outside of my usual zone.

Elmer Update: Preparation

Had a quick visit to sand down my Elmer and give it a quick wash in preparation for painting. Was really happy to meet Katie White (Insta: KatieWhiteArt) and Kathryn Rhiân (Insta:KathrynRhian) who were also busy in the studio area working on their Elmers. It’s so fascinating and more exciting seeing the variation and awesome designs from this art trail.
I was also helped out by my little toddler visiting, who decided he was going to help me out by wiping my Elmer clean after the sanding. Cannot wait to spend a little more time there and get to the painting 🙂 95306118-4648-4459-AAB8-A77FFADD5D8F

Great North Elmer Parade 2019: Wild in Art

Despite not having blogged for some time I’ve decided to start up again to log this exciting project. It was SUCH an exciting surprise to be selected for the Great North Elmer Parade 2019 after submitting a design earlier this year.
As many of you know, I work part-time, taking snippets of time here and there when I can. This makes it more difficult in some ways to get my work out there whilst I’m looking after Alexander (my toddler) full time. Working with the support of the Prince’s Trust really helped this year and although it had its downs I’m glad I kept going and submitted that design. As they say, ‘Shy bairns get nowt’ !
It was a pleasure meeting such creative individuals and the team behind Oswald’s Hospice, WildArt and Great North Elmer last week.
I cannot wait to post more updates as I complete the design and will let you know the name of the elephant soon 🙂

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