Everything’s on HOLD

I had started on several projects that were due for launch this summer. One of them included a major street art project with Creative Factory Middlesbrough, creating exclusive and historic pieces of art that are going to be displayed prominently on the sides of streets. Although I had created the artwork, the installation has obviously been put on hold with Covid-19. I cannot wait to show you the work for it, some of it can be seen on Inspiratori or Creative Factory’s instagram page, but will be completely different once its physical. See my Boro post for more on that and how the project began.

Gem Arts was another project, I was due to create the artwork for Masala Festival (which I did) but due to Covid-19 the festivals on hold. As well as Gallery 45. I’ll still be creating work for an exhibition (just secretly, and won’t be sharing it online to keep it a surprise) When the Covid-19 danger is over, I may also be doing workshops around the exhibition.

These organisations have been phenomenal in supporting artists. It’s great that we have these organisations in the North East and goes to show how important the Arts & Culture section is. I am so appreciative and I hope we survive as a sector after this crisis. Self employment will be a challenge as will the economic affect, but a message to you all – we can do it if we stick together.

I have ALSO temporarily closed my Etsy Shop. Why ? I left most of my supplies & paint at my studio in Ampersand Inventions and have no way of accessing it. The buildings shut with Covid-19 and has meant I have put some production on hold. This means I have to reassess the shop this weekend. My postal orders will dispatch less frequently for example and as the nurseries are closed – my work rate has somewhat changed pre-7pm. Kudos to all the parents right now who are home schooling and working, I’m still finding my way. It’s quite difficult To juggle. I hope you’ll be patient with me at this time until I find a solution.

Stay safe everyone.

The Lincoln Imp Trail 2021: Wild in Art

I was absolutely delighted to have been selected as a painter for TWO Imps for Lincoln Big, in aid of St.Barnabas Hospice. Absolutely gutted I wasn’t able to add some fine details and give them a varnish however before the lockdown started with Covid-19. It’s been like a weird nightmare so far, like living in a movie with this disease and being in this isolation.

However I did make a free colouring sheet for Lincoln Big and the Hospice. In an attempt to cheer things up with what everyone’s going through right now. You can find it below 🙂

Download, Colour & Enjoy!

NB: The Lincoln Imp Trail was postponed due to the pandemic from 2020 to 2021. All updated designs of the two imps you see here will be unveiled before the future launch,