April …

Sometimes it takes me a while to do a design. I came up with the Matchbox ideas from my Punjabi background, the old school designs really inspired me to make my own Victorianesque designs with famous North East places.

These are the most recent two. The first was from one of my first designs with ‘Fog on the Tyne’ – that I changed The text of to ‘Hope’, including leaving out the fancy saucer ! Part of me hoped it would resonate with others during this time, as we all miss our loved ones, and its good to keep in touch to make sure they’re okay.

The second Matchbox was definitely from me missing St.mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. My favourite time of the day is twilight, when the sun is going down, the light is warm and pink, and the tide’s started to come in. I imagined all these things, the sounds and the sights of the enigmatic sky.

I hope to make some more soon. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below or via Instagram 🙂

Stay Safe and Take Care Everyone !

Boro Through History – Street Art Project- CREATIVE FACTORY

I created some artwork for specifically Middlesbrough- to show the place through time, social and economical changes. This was through extensive research, an inspirational meeting with Gordon Dalton and Thomas Rhind as well as a day of just sketching what I could at the Dorman Museum. I went back through my photos I took at the Dorman, the rich history pouring out before me as I struggled to focus in finding just a few key themes to focus on.

I found myself in the Old Town Hall cafe, sipping my coffee and scribbling down some notes. What really stood out was a nostalgic toy shop that locals had good memories of, really eloquent Victorian baths, an impressive Art Deco style Cinema, the new Orange Pip market & the park, and of course the Football stadium full of many stories.

Obviously the project is a little delayed right now due to the safety of people involved planning this fantastic initiative of artists who will have works across Middlesbrough. All varying in their disciplines and mediums. I thought I would just share a little bit about the artwork I did, my excitement at the eventual instalment of it on street walls, and the joy I hope it will bring.