Lincoln Imp Art Trail 2021 Update

I’ve finally gotten these sculptures fully painted and varnished ready for delivery to Lincoln on Thursday. As I was shielding it made the new studio I had acquired before lockdown difficult to get to in the city centre. Luckily Lincoln Big were very understanding & the art trail was also delayed to Spring next year for safety reasons. I had A LOT of fun painting these two and hope I get to do more sculptures with Wild in Art in future.

So each Imp, the bright sunny coloured one named ‘Yellow Belly’ (Yellow gold leaf) and the deep blues of ‘Celestial’ (antique gold leaf) have a secret letter painted on them for the trail. I’ve hidden these in the Sneak Peak photo 🙂 It’s going to be fun to hunt each imp down in Lincoln when the trail begins to find all the letters.

‘Yellow Belly’ is sponsored by Lincoln Cooperative and ‘Celestial’ Is sponsored by the Lincoln Economic Group. At the end of the Art Trail both of these imps will be auctioned off in aid of St.Barnabas Hospice.

I cannot wait to go to Lincoln and see these when the trail is live !

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