Social ARTery Intro

I’ve recently been commissioned in relation to a website called Social Artery. It is a collaborative networking platform for artists. A safe space to communicate, connect and collaborate. Arts Charity “axis” have created this beta version of an ethical, non extractive social media platform for artists.

It’s a really good way of finding out how different artists work in social practices, and a really friendly group. I’m taking this as a great opportunity to work with Lady Kitt and Dan Russell to find out more about their way of working. I really want to be involved with SEN in Newcastle so I’m excited about this.

SO what’s it like?

The website is easy to navigate, clean and offers options to share knowledge openly through networks – forums and groups. You can set up private groups, invite peers to join you, send messages, send files and organise conversations. The Social ARTery is a beta version, Axis are collaborating with artists across the UK and beyond. This means the layout will probably change. It’s being developed in an artist-led space.

For the commission I’ll be testing how Social ARTery can support and facilitate my practice. I’ve attended a monthly meeting so far, and found the group of artists to be very friendly. I can see how it would encourage diversity of influences and experiences to challenge and define, shape and develop.

The Social ARTery commissions are Lottery Funded supported using public funding by Arts Council England. As Axis are a charity it means non of the data is shared and privacy is respected. It’s open and free.

Excited to start using these tools and learning new things!

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