Curious Arts

A little busy this summer with the fantastic Curious Arts !

Curious Arts is a Newcastle Gateshead based not-for-profit organisation developing LGBTQ arts, artists and audiences across the North East of England. They work in partnership with arts, culture and community organisations.

In fact they’re having a fundraiser very soon at Gosforth Civic Theatre for a fun-packed night of live music, drag, roller-skating, hula-hooping and dance, raising vital funds to support LGBTQIA+ artists and young people across the North East. Featuring performances by Martha Hill, Jesse Salaman & Toi Guy and Symoné, Curious Arts Fundraiser is hosted by Drag royalty Choriza May with a guest appearance from Gladys Duffy.

I’m working 2 days a week with these wonderful lot until the end of July with project co-ordination. I’ll also be an artist at mini pride events across the North East in July/Aug EXCITING TIMES ! I’ll be sharing what I’m doing and dates soon plus information on the other artists.

Check out for updates on event dates and times.

Picture: Michael McGuire Photography

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