‘Boro Through Time’

A massive thank you to Navigator North for making this happen with Middlesbrough Council.

Each matchbox artwork celebrates Middlesbrough through nostalgic memories.

‘Erimus’ shows the skyline of the city, in golden and blue tones matching the blue from the new coat of arms in 1976. In the spirit of growth and progress, Middlesbrough chose ‘Erimus’, mean ‘we shall be’ as its motto.

‘The bathhouses’ depicts the old building on Gilke Street, designed after Roman baths, bringing with it Victorian luxury of the time.

The ‘football’ matchbox shows how the city has grown around the sport which has been celebrated around Middlesbrough’s stadium with Middlesbrough FC.

Community captures the spirit of Middlesbrough through festivals such as orange pip, celebration, love of food and the unity of all the various people who live there.

‘Toyshop’ was designed around peoples memories of Romer Parrish, an old toyshop which was likened to the likes of Narnia.

See the photos of the installation below. Each artwork is printed on metal plates.

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