‘Together Again’ Workshop – Helix Arts

On Monday I led a workshop for ‘Together Again’ for Helix Arts at the Working With centre in Wallsend.

I created a template for building a paper house, which participants could decorate with drawings or symbols they felt depicted their home. For this activity I created stickers of places in Wallsend and North Tyneside like the beach, metro, library, park, Roman fort etc I also had felt tips, textile patterns, and decorative washi tape.

The participants who go to Working With are asylum seekers and refugees. One of the main objectives during the workshop was to help them to connect to ideas of home, changing home, and connecting with the local area in a safe space. I noticed they all had a connection to the metro for example, using it a main form of transport. Lots of them mentioned the beach and there were creative ideas behind textiles and sports.

I really enjoyed working with both Helix Arts and the Working With Centre. It brought back memories of going to centres with my mother as she went to English lessons in the West End of Newcastle. Hope to do more of this sort of work in future.

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