GemArts Diwali Workshops

GemArts is a dynamic arts development organisation – that profile and programme new and exciting culturally diverse arts, by creating and developing high quality concerts, events, festivals, workshops and commissions with regional, national and international artists across all art forms.

So it was really fun and exciting to create a shadow puppets workshop with them. I created the Rangoli colouring sheets and have done a previous Mandala making workshop. The team based in Gateshead library is super friendly.

Due to the pandemic it was a little tricky filming the making process, so I opted to use one of the lecture rooms at Ampersand Inventions (where my studio is based) The classroom setting proved useful for the instructions I was giving.

Have a look at their range of workshops, and take a look at the resources page. If you work with a school or group who’d like to get involved just send them an email 🙂

Making my first Matchbox Book

A video showing how a matchbox book was created. Artwork celebrates South Asian suffragettes and hidden figures in history ( part of the Narivad series) and a sneak peak into the makings of a matchbox book for the North East English Coast.

Materials used: Watercolour paper, ink, glue, black paint, white card, Stanley knife, ruler and scissors.

Show next week

Next weekend marks my first big exhibition in a while.

I’ll be returning to my favourite city; Edinburgh for the Spilt Milk Exhibition where Asian Bride will be up for show/sale.

I’ve recently moved into exhibiting paintings and less digital /Instagram work of late. Although I still enjoy the therapy of just creating things with my hands I’ve found I want to take it further to galleries.

Although this will be a far cry from being a wanna-be celebrity artist like the conceptualists, the YBAs, the Damien Hirsts – those cunning characters who are able to sell anything, particularly if it has some kind of biological waste product smeared across it or a built in shredder that decides to stop two thirds of the way through.

No. This is more of an exploration of my own culture within Britain, particularly those around the role of women.

Do you have any artists that have had a great impact on you or impassioned you in work ?

Come see Oh MotHER next week.

When: Sat, Oct 27, 2018 10:00 AM Mon, Nov 5, 2018 5:30 PM
Where: Custom House Leith