Autumn Vibes

I created a couple of different vibes for one of the most popular prints on my Etsy Shop. The very first matchbox design I did for Newcastle upon Tyne. The first special edition was the Pumpkin Spice just for October (Brought back by the power of popular demand) and the second is the Cranberry. Both are heavily influenced by the colour palettes of nature and the seasonal changes.

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New Special Edition Matchboxes

After a planned exhibition, where I had agreed to make physical matchboxes alongside some newly designed prints, was rescheduled for next year- I started to think how this could be translated into an artwork that I could make during lock down.

I’m still making the ones for said exhibition, but need to keep those 10 designs hush hush for 2021.

The idea evolved into a larger box, which has hand painted and hand drawn elements. The inner box painted with acrylic and Posca pens. I’ve released two designs, the Newcastle Hyem Sweet Hyem and Spanish City (two best seller prints). Though a little time consuming, the boxes are actually fun to make. Hand drawn details over a separate white strip added to the design front of the box, on the top and beneath a panel of printed paper. I used the same paper I normally do for premium prints, to get the maximum amount of colour and saturation. Each series is limited to only 50 boxes and comes with certificates of authenticity. I plan to send these in premium little gift boxes if they’re not framed for storage purposes. Framing options include a box frame, with the edition of the artwork/sig on the front.

Pics below!


Using Winsor and Newton Professional Acrylics & Posca Pens

April …

Sometimes it takes me a while to do a design. I came up with the Matchbox ideas from my Punjabi background, the old school designs really inspired me to make my own Victorianesque designs with famous North East places.

These are the most recent two. The first was from one of my first designs with ‘Fog on the Tyne’ – that I changed The text of to ‘Hope’, including leaving out the fancy saucer ! Part of me hoped it would resonate with others during this time, as we all miss our loved ones, and its good to keep in touch to make sure they’re okay.

The second Matchbox was definitely from me missing St.mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. My favourite time of the day is twilight, when the sun is going down, the light is warm and pink, and the tide’s started to come in. I imagined all these things, the sounds and the sights of the enigmatic sky.

I hope to make some more soon. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below or via Instagram 🙂

Stay Safe and Take Care Everyone !


I’ve made some new pieces for Sunnycon later this month. They’ve centred around Aggretsuko and Studio Ghibli so far. Although anime isn’t my style I love the atmosphere that is Sunnycon. Some film art posters will be out too.  The audience, though a lot younger, provides a new perspective to the usual market fairs I go to. My usual North East designs don’t really fit in, but the animals and fantasy designs are hits. Less anxious about this year too since I’ve already done it. Also helps the organisers are super friendly !

If you’re about why not come along. I’ll be at the artist’s bay with a new layout /banner and (hopefully) dressed as Kiki.

Also SO glad that my Instagram following has gone up to 1,500, for someone who doesn’t actively work on that stuff it does feel good to get support off people liking my work. A little bit of encouragement sometimes when you’re in doubt about a sketch, or a particular theme, goes a long way. It really opens up the creative flow and has allowed me to be more comfortable working on ideas outside of my usual zone.